However, they are still recalled.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for an activity monitor + sleep monitor?



my favorite hobby is not being a parent

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The Most Intense Color of Any Living Thing on Earth

Also known as the marble berry, Pollia condensata is a wild plant that grows in the forests of several African countries. The berries are not edible, but they have an extremely rare property. They produce the most intense color of any living thing on Earth. Even after the berries have been picked from the plant, they stay the same shiny, vibrant, metallic blue color for many decades.

The vast majority of colors in the biological world are produced by pigments—compounds produced by a living organism that selectively absorb certain wavelengths of light, so that they appear to be the color of whichever wavelengths they reflect.

However, the marble berry’s skin has no pigment. The berries produce their vibrant blue color through nanoscale-sized cellulose strands that scatter light as they interact with one another. Thus the fruit’s color is even visible at the cellular level as pictured above.

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An undeniably large part of what keeps poverty going is the fact that there are people who think that if they vote with the rich they’ll somehow magically become the rich. The trouble is, rich people don’t vote. They own.

"Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires." 

(Quote attributed to John Steinbeck but is under dispute. Regardless, it’s still true.)

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Written by me… In honor of earth day. Make this and use it instead of the paper ones.
Save some trees!!!!!!!

But, you wrote it on paper….from trees…..

Does it help my cause at all to say that piece of paper was a gift?

It does.

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Daniel Franzese, Damian of Mean Girls, comes out -- and don't you dare say he's too gay to function


Ten years after the debut of the life-altering movie that is Mean Girls, actor Daniel Franzese, who played openly gay high schooler Damian, has come out as gay.

Franzese, now 36, wrote a letter to his character that was published in IndieWire. He asks himself why it had taken him so long to come out as gay, saying that his portrayal of Damian actually set him back in Hollywood and in his own personal coming to terms with himself.

The whole thing is damn insightful and meaningful, but here’s a particularly telling excerpt about how Daniel’s career took an unexpected turn after he played Damian:

One time I wanted to audition for a supporting character in a low-budget indie movie described as a “doughy, blue-collar lug of a guy.”  The role was to play the husband of an actress friend of mine who I had been in two movies and an Off-Broadway play with.  She and I had even moved to L.A. together. I figured I was perfect for it.

They said they were looking for a real “man’s man.”  The casting director wouldn’t even let me audition. This wasn’t the last time this happened. There were industry people who had seen me play you in Mean Girls but never seen me read in an audition but still denied me to be seen for “masculine” roles.

However, I did turn down many offers to play flamboyant, feather-boa-slinging stereotypes that always seemed to be laughed at BECAUSE they were gay. How could I go from playing an inspirational, progressive gay youth to the embarrassing, cliched butt-of-a-joke? 

So, there it was. Damian, you had ruined my life and I was really pissed at you. I became celibate for a year and a half. I didn’t go to any gay bars, have any flings and I lied to anyone who asked if I was gay. I even brought a girl to the ‘Mean Girls’ premiere and kissed her on the red carpet, making her my unwitting beard.  

Why come out now, then? 

It wasn’t until years later that grown men started to coming up to me on the street - some of them in tears - and thanking me for being a role model to them. Telling me I gave them comfort not only being young and gay but also being a big dude. It was then that I realized how much of an impact YOU had made on them.  

Before you make the “too gay to function” joke, which I totally did before I finished reading the article, listen to what he has to say about it:

I hate it when people say I’m ‘too gay to function.’ I know you do, too. Those people are part of the problem. They should refrain from using that phrase. It really is only OK when Janis says it.

It takes some serious guts to be this open about the intermingling of your career and your personal life, especially when admitting that playing a beloved character in a classic movie has impacted you in a negative way. I have loads of respect for this man. Congrats, Daniel. 

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Written by me… In honor of earth day. Make this and use it instead of the paper ones.
Save some trees!!!!!!!

But, you wrote it on paper….from trees…..

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How do you even body.



Knitting Tip: When knitting sleeves, put the sweater in a bag or pillow case.

Sleeves are super-fast to knit and your sweater will be spinning like a top in your lap. The bag will not only protect the rest of your sweater, but it will also make it easier to turn everything.


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10 Poverty Myths, Busted | Mother Jones


1. Single moms are the problem. Only 9 percent of low-income, urban moms have been single throughout their child’s first five years. Thirty-five percent were married to, or in a relationship with, the child’s father for that entire time.

2. Absent dads are the problem. Sixty percent of low-income dads see at least one of their children daily. Another 16 percent see their children weekly.

3. Black dads are the problem. Among men who don’t live with their children, black fathers are more likely than white or Hispanic dads to have a daily presence in their kids’ lives.

4. Poor people are lazy. In 2004, there was at least one adult with a job in 60 percent of families on food stamps that had both kids and a nondisabled, working-age adult.

5. If you’re not officially poor, you’re doing okay. The federal poverty line for a family of two parents and two children in 2012 was $23,283. Basic needs cost at least twice that in 615 of America’s cities and regions.

6. Go to college, get out of poverty. In 2012, about 1.1 million people who made less than $25,000 a year, worked full time, and were heads of household had a bachelor’s degree.

7. We’re winning the war on poverty. The number of households with children living on less than $2 a day per person has grown 160 percent since 1996, to 1.65 million families in 2011.

8. The days of old ladies eating cat food are over. The share of elderly single women living in extreme poverty jumped 31 percent from 2011 to 2012.

9. The homeless are drunk street people. One in 45 kids in the United States experiences homelessness each year. In New York City alone, 22,000 children are homeless.

10. Handouts are bankrupting us. In 2012, total welfare funding was 0.47 percent of the federal budget.

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Knitting Inspiration - Spirals. I completely failed to do one of these posts last week (all of my weekly posts, in fact), and the reason for that is what inspires me this week. My life feels like one gigantic spiral right now-swirling endlessly towards some crucial nexus. If I try to see the entirety of it at once it terrifies me, like trying to touch a hurricane while standing in the middle of it, but at the same time, watching it rush around me and focusing on a single rotation at a time is a weird kind of beautiful.

What I mean to say is that I’m trying my best to accomplish one hour, day, week of things at a time while hoping that together they add up to the massive, exciting thing I can just barely perceive on my horizon.

Sources are, as always, in the captions and below.

Pieces of Eight Mitts

Vortex Shawl

Spiral Yoke Pullover

Vortex Throw and Pillows

Hurricane Hat

Sagrantino Shawl

Ten Stitch Twist


I LOVE these….I’m totally going to do the Ten Stitch Twist and the Sagrantino Shawl. And they’re FREE!!!!

THANK YOU for putting the links in the post. I tried copying them from the images, but tumblr thought it was awesome to go to the next photo whenever I right-clicked highlighted.

I just wish the Sagrantino had a grid pattern and explained how to do it using the magic loop technique as I’m not a DPN kid.

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me when im drunk

Me when I’m drunk and when I’m sober…..

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Is this the new trailer! Looks awesome!

Go home, cat. You’re drunk!

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What motivates my followers who have a routine workout regimen?

How do I get motivated?

Especially when I have never been athletic and do not enjoy exercising.

What keeps you motivated?!?!?