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So I splurged and bought this today.

I have the 4oz one, but seriously, you can barely do a hank and cannot do a full skein of yarn on it.

I also had brain lightning about my electric spinning wheel. I found things to perfect the spools and will need to unwind said spools into balls, thus the 10oz ball winder is going to be a necessity.





Just a reminder


Vote them out of office in November.

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OMG…I brined a fresh ham (uncured and unsalted) and some boneless pork backs for two days in the fridge with whole peppercorns, salt, stevia, and bay leaves, crock-potted them tonight on high for 3 hours with no liquid and some dried garlic, and made sure they hit 165+ degrees.

Let me tell ya. I’ve made a lot of crock pot pork in my lifetime, and this is by far my masterpiece. So tender, flavorful, and juicy. OMG.

I can’t even.

I may be ruined for any other type of pig. Well, besides bacon, of course.

I’m convinced brining is the way to go. Can’t wait to brine the grass-fed beef roast I have in the freezer!!

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Always reblog Scott Pilgrim.

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I offer no apologies. I bought this shirt today at Wal-Mart. I will be wearing it this weekend to the gay campground and on many other occasions to come. There is not a thing anyone can do to talk me out of it.

BTW, I really love it because it looks nearly identical to Zachary.

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The planets, aligned.

the sickest thing ive ever seen




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1. I went to Cedar Point on Saturday. Work sponsored it. I discovered I was too tall or too fat to ride most of the rides. The ones I could ride were extremely uncomfortable, and one actually hurt.

2. I walked nearly 20 miles on Saturday. By the time I got back to the hotel, I could barely walk at all. Oddly enough, I wasn’t sore at all on Sunday morning. 

3. Due to this weekend’s embarrassment and wake up call, I decided to start counting calories, instead of doing low-carb, exclusively.

4. My official weigh-in yesterday morning was 303.7 lbs.

5. I bought a Misfit Shine today. I like it better than the fitbit already.

6. I quit smoking again yesterday. I do great during the week, but the weekend sneaks up on me. I’m resolved this time and am hoping ya’ll help keep me accountable.

7. I have my supplement regimen all ready to go. I entered my DNA test results into a supplement database and discovered what I can’t make well myself and what I would naturally be deficient in. I started taking some of them last week, and let me tell ya, I can feel a world of difference already. I’m beginning to think my life-long depression is chemical deficiencies in certain amino acids and vitamins, especially B. My body could never break down B-6 or B-12. I have two special forms of it, and they are working miracles. Also, L-Dopa is really kicking it for me too. It’s amazing what a bit of balance will do for ya.

8. I’m going to try to go camping this weekend, come rain or shine. The shitty thing is I was planning on taking off early from work, but the boss scheduled a meeting from 3:30-4:30 on Friday. Who does that shit? Especially when I’m off at 4. I might just put in half a day anyway.

9. I am starting yoga in a week or so. I’m trying to build up the nerve and courage to go do it. I hate starting stuff like this on my own. I’ve done some before but didn’t stick with it. I really need to find something active that I’m good at and want to stick with. This seems low-impact and will improve my lack of flexibility.

10. Overall, I’m headed in the right direction, I just needs some shouts of encouragement along the way and a good swift kick in the ass everyone once in awhile.



"You’re gonna do great today"

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